About Prabhakar

Hey there, thanks for dropping by.  I am Prabhakar. 

I have been working as a performance engineer for over a decade with great companies and over the years have learnt quite a bit.  

This blog is to share my learning to help fellow performance engineers and readers and enthusiasts who would like to explore the performance engineering domain. 

This is a domain that gives some thing to learn each day and that is what has kept me going.

As its said - there are many ways to approach a problem which also gives sumptous number of solutions.  Similarly in performance engineering there are many ways to look at the problems and provide a solution and there is nothing like a ONE solution.  It all depends on the problem in hand and what is expected as an outcome.  This blog basically conveys my approaches and ideas which could be different from what others have done to solve similar problems.   My acknowledgements to all such efforts and its always better to keep an open mind to get a fresh perspective. 

Kudos to all the performance engineers out there who are helping the web world stay together and always being performant.  Cheers!

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/prabhakar-j-5717955/

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